Industrial RS485 / RS422 Modbus 3xHD with 15W DC-DC conversion

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Isolated DC-DC conversion plus 3x RS485 ports provide the capability of interfacing with sensors and instruments using RS232/422/485 powered by industrial DC power sources. These capes are designed to industrial grade I/O standards assuring reliable operation and protection in extreme operating environments.

These capes have been tested for compliance with strict EU emission standards.

Note: Product photographs are representative but may not be exact as the final shipped product.

INDU-RS3HD-DC15W model provides following interfaces -

3x RS485/RS422:

  • Pluggable 3.5mm 3-pin Terminal Header for each port
  • 3x Half-Duplex RS485 ports
  • Upto 256 devices supported on each port
  • Upto 500 kbps operation
  • 10KV Surge / 4KV Peak / 2.75KV RMS galvanic isolation
  • 30KV (HBM) ESD protection
  • Uses standard UART drivers in Linux kernel (linux support provided)

1x RS232:

  • Pluggable 3.5mm 3-pin Terminal Header
  • +/- 25V tolerant I/O

DC-DC Conversion:

  • 36V-9V Wide-input range, 5V output (upto 3A, 15W) DC-DC power conversion
  • Pluggable 3.5mm 2-pin Terminal Header for DC input source
  • 1.5KV RMS isolation
  • Provides power to BeagleBone CPU, Yantrr VIBE/VIBE2 systems, other capes installed on BeagleBone header also.


  • Dedicated EEPROM for CAPE ID


  • Fully compatible with BeagleBone CPU systems
  • Fully compatible with Yantrr VIBE/VIBE2 IoT platforms with builtin 3G/LTE modems

Included in the package:

  • 4x 3.5mm 3-pin Terminal Plug, Screw Type
  • 1x 2.5mm 2-pin Terminal Plug, Screw Type

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