VIBE IoT Platform

Introducing VIBE

An IoT Hardware Platform for Industrial Users

VIBE is an IoT hardware platform which provides a unique combination of industrial sensor interfaces like SPI, I2C, RS232, CAN, GPIO, PWM, ADC, HDMI, a worldwide 2G/3G/HSPA connectivity option and a low power ARM processor for both industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) and home IoT applications. VIBE is a dedicated IoT platform which provides connectivity and processing power in a easy to deploy 2x credit card size form-factor.

Key Hardware Features

  • Two port USB hub with two USB-A host connectors for connecting additional USB devices
  • Direct USB connection to Modem (removes the USB hotplug bug)
  • GSC connectors for attaching modem antennas
  • UART0 debug header for Processor and SSH, JTAG
  • Optional RTC with battery backup with 3V coin cell and 1Hz SQW on a GSC connector or GPIO
  • Optional GPS+Timing Module with 1PPS output on a GSC connector or GPIO and 3V coin cell 
  • Battery operation for standby purposes with reverse voltage protection, battery charging and thermistor : (Optional)

Key Software features

  • Debian compatible Linux image or Linux Kernel patch to activate features such as low-power mode, SMS activation, and basic connection management functionality.
  • Python-based sensor data acquisition library
  • Integration with IBM MQTT Cloud
  • Fully compatible with Yantrr Connection Manager and Yantrr Device Cloud (to be launched)

VIBE is ready for field deployment

VIBE comes with FCC and CE-certified 2G/3G/HSPA modem options, so you only need a SIM card to start capturing data from the field. VIBE can be operated fully on battery power and also support sleep mode for low power operations. VIBE can be remotely woken up using the Modem (by sending a secure SMS). VIBE comes with an optional RTC (with separate battery backup) for time-stamping sensor data. For high accuracy timing applications, VIBE also provides optional GPS+timing module.

Kickstart your next IoT applications in minutes

VIBE is fully compatible with community supported BeagleBone black development boards. This means you can connect any of the 10s of BeagbleBone sensor capes directly to VIBE to kickstart your next IoT application in minutes. VIBE ships with its own Debian compatible Linux OS specifically modified for IoT applications. You can also use standard Debian Wheezy (or Ubuntu) Linux or even android. We also provide separate Kernal patches and firmware to activate IoT specific features.